The “John Wick” franchise is a series of action films that follows the story of retired hitman John Wick. Keanu Reeves plays the character ‘John Wick’, who seeks revenge against those who have wronged him. The films have gained a massive following due to their action scenes, engaging storyline, and Reeves’ performance

Accordingly, many fan theories have emerged over the years. They question the origins of John Wick’s skills and the meaning behind certain events in the films. In this article, we will provide everything you need to know about fan theories that could be true. 

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John Wick is immortal.

The theory that John Wick is immortal has gained popularity among franchise fans. It suggests that Wick is not an ordinary human but an immortal being who has lived for centuries. The theory can be proven since Wick appears to survive seemingly fatal injuries. He also has the ability to endure extreme physical exertion.

For instance, in the first film, Wick is shot multiple times and falls off a building. He manages to survive and continue fighting. Additionally, in the third film, Wick is shown to have extensive knowledge of the Continental Hotel and its history. This fact also indicates that he has lived much longer than a typical human being. These pieces of evidence, among others, have led fans to speculate that John Wick may be immortal.

John Wick is a Time Lord.

Time Lord, a character from the popular British science-fiction series “Doctor Who, has been circulating among fans of both franchises. The theory suggests that Wick is a Time Lord who has taken on a new identity as an assassin. This concept appears between the two characters with exceptional physical abilities

Their ability to survive seemingly fatal injuries and knowledge of history and culture bewilder the fans. Additionally, in the third John Wick film, there is a scene where a character refers to Wick as Old Testament. Some fans have interpreted this as a nod to the Time Lord’s ability to regenerate into different forms. However, the theory that John Wick is a time lord remains questionable and has not been confirmed by the filmmakers. 

The John Wick universe is a simulation.

There is a possibility that the events of the films are taking place within a simulated reality rather than in the real world. This appears in the film when the characters’ actions and abilities seem to defy the laws of physics and logic

Additionally, in the third John Wick film, there is a scene where a character is revealed to be controlling the environment around them with a touch screen device. This hints at the possibility of a simulated reality. Although this theory remains questionable, the evidence in the films suggests that it is a possibility.

John Wick is actually a villain.

The theory suggests that Wick is not the heroic protagonist he appears to be. His willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals makes him a ruthless killer rather than a hero. This appears in the acts of violence committed by Wick throughout the films. Similarly, he is willing to break the law and betray his allies to exact revenge. 

Additionally, some fans have pointed out that Wick’s status as a retired hitman implies his ambiguous past. In the second movie, Santino D’Antonio approaches Wick to kill his sister Gianna, and Wick proceeds with the task. This also brings out his villainy. However, it’s up to you to suggest whether he is a villain or a hero.

John Wick is part of a larger conspiracy.

The theory suggests that there is more going on behind the scenes than is presented in the films. This concept might come up with references to an underground network of assassins. Similarly, there were mentions of shadowy organizations that wield great power and influence. Additionally, the recurring appearance of certain characters and symbols throughout the films implies that there is a larger story at play.


The John Wick franchise has inspired a range of creative and imaginative theories. From the possibility of Wick being a Time Lord to being part of a larger conspiracy, it reveals the speculations of the fans. While the plausibility of these theories varies, this proves the passion and dedication of the franchise’s fanbase. 

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