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Pentagon Announces New Form To Report UFO Sightings!

Pentagon Announces New Form To Report UFO Sightings!

The Pentagon has rolled out a new online tool where troops and federal employees can report sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), previously known as UFOs.

The form is hosted by the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). It’s all about collecting experiences and data related to UAP, dating back to 1945. Rather than brushing off UFO sightings as tales from haunted places or works of fiction, the Pentagon is showing that it takes these reports seriously.

Share More About UFO Sightings

Sean Kirkpatrick, the Director of AARO, shared details about the new tool with reporters. It’s designed for current and former U.S. service members, government workers, and contractors. The new form for reporting invites them to share anything they know about U.S. government programs or activities related to UAP. This move is a response to criticism from lawmakers, who have been urging the Pentagon to share more information about UAP incidents.

UFO sightings have often relations to haunted places and science fiction. However, Kirkpatrick emphasized that the Pentagon’s approach is serious and data-driven. The information collected through the form will contribute to a congressionally mandated report due in June. It aims to investigate unexplained incidents and government programs related to UAP.

Can The Public Use The Tool?

However, the general public can’t use the form just yet. Kirkpatrick acknowledged the widespread interest in reporting UAP sightings. He said that they’re working on ways for the public to contribute in the future.

AARO evolved from the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group. It was established under last year’s National Defense Authorization Act to broaden its responsibilities. Kirkpatrick assured that the information submitted through the form and any follow-up interviews would be kept confidential.

Shocking Claims of A Former Intelligence Officer

The initiative follows a claim made by former intelligence official David Grusch in a House hearing in July. He accused the Pentagon of covering up evidence related to extraterrestrial crafts and beings. The Pentagon, however, denies these claims. Further, they say they haven’t found any verifiable information to support Grusch’s words.

Kirkpatrick encouraged anyone with firsthand knowledge of U.S. government UAP programs to step forward. They are allowed to use the new secure reporting tool. “We want to hear from you,” he said.


The Pentagon’s decision to gather information about UAP marks a shift away from treating such sightings as tales akin to haunted places. It shows a commitment to seriously investigating and understanding these phenomena. This step is signaling a new era to explore what we still don’t know. Every piece of information is valuable. What comes next, and whether it leads to groundbreaking discoveries, remains for further exploration.

7 Most Haunted Places In The USA These Places Have An Unimaginable Horror! (1)

7 Most Haunted Places In The USA | These Places Have An Unimaginable Horror!

Are you drawn to the mystique of ghost stories and eerie histories? If so, you’re in for a treat. There is a list of places from asylums with dark pasts to mansions with secrets in their walls. Here we uncover 7 places in the USA that will send shivers down your spine.

Howard Street Cemetery, Salem, Massachusetts:

The town of Salem is infamous for the 1692 witch trials. A group of young girls blamed several men and women on the gallows, claiming to be possessed. People believe the spirit of Giles Corey still frequently haunts the Howard Street Cemetery. He is an accused farmer who questioned the girls’ motives. Salem displays the historical joined with fear and intrigue.

Image source: History of Massachusettes

LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, Louisiana:

The French Quarter of New Orleans is home to the LaLaurie Mansion, a symbol of horror masked by elegance. Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a 19th-century socialite. She was exposed when police discovered mutilated bodies of enslaved people in her attic. The phantom screams of the victims are still to haunt this place. It is a staple on haunted places tours in the city.

Image source: Nola Ghost Tour

Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, Oregon:

Portland’s Shanghai Tunnels narrate a grim tale from the 19th century. Unsuspecting men were kidnapped through trapdoors in saloons and sold as unpaid laborers on ships. The grieving spirits of those who lost their lives in these tunnels still linger. The place adds a chilling dimension to the city’s history.

Image source: Oregon Tails

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia:

This Gothic-style prison introduced solitary confinement in 1829, sparking debates on its psychological impact. After its closure in 1971, visitors claimed to witness apparitions and hear whispers. People suggest that the spirits of prisoners may have reclaimed the jail. Eastern State Penitentiary remains one of the captivating haunted places open for exploration.

R.M.S. Queen Mary, Long Beach, California:

The Queen Mary, once a luxury ocean liner, later served as a World War II troopship known as the “Grey Ghost.” Now permanently docked in Long Beach, it functions as a hotel, purportedly haunted by the spirits of those who died aboard, offering a chilling maritime experience.

Image source: City of long beach

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River, Massachusetts:

The Borden residence, where Andrew and Abby Borden were found bludgeoned in 1892. It is now a museum and a B&B. The mystery and reports of haunting activities have turned it into a curious attraction for those seeking to explore haunted places.

Image source: Wikipedia

Trans-Allegheny Asylum, Weston, West Virginia:

Originally built as a healing environment, by the 1950s this asylum housed 2,400 patients in overcrowded conditions. The patients were part of an array of controversial treatments. The building is now closed. However, people believe that patients who died within its walls are still haunting the place.

These haunted places, each with a rich tapestry of history and horror, offer thrilling experiences. Whether it’s the quest for understanding the unknown or a fascination with the past, these sites are ready for an eerie exploration. So, are you ready to delve into the tales these haunted places whisper in the shadows?

Shocking Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Death Of Matthew Perry!

Shocking Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Death Of Matthew Perry!

The sudden death of Matthew Perry, known and loved for his role as Chandler Bing in “Friends”, has left fans around the world in shock and grief. At 54, Perry was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home. This prompted not only an outpouring of grief but also the rise of various conspiracy theories. Let’s take a closer look at some of these speculations.

The Cranberry or Baneberry Conspiracy:

Just days before his passing, Perry shared Instagram posts referencing Batman and calling himself “Mattman”. One post in particular showed what looked like cranberries.

This sparked a theory among some fans. They suggest these might be poisonous baneberries, drawing a link to Batman’s enemy, Bane. The idea is that Perry might have ingested these berries, leading to his death. Not only that, his posts were a subtle cry for help.

Linking Perry’s Death to Another Singer!

Some theories draw parallels between Perry’s death and the demise of Irish singer Dolores O’Riordan in 2018. Both artists were found in water and had struggled with substance abuse. Despite Perry’s death being reported as an accidental drowning, with no official cause determined yet, theorists speculate that the similarities could be more than a coincidence.

Batman and Mattman Conspiracy

Building on the “Mattman” theme, some theorists have scoured Perry’s Instagram posts for hidden messages. One post of a hot tub, similar to where Perry was found, has raised eyebrows. Fans are speculating whether the actor was attempting to communicate something significant through these posts.

Covid Vaccine and Perry’s Death

Perry had been an advocate for COVID-19 vaccination, publicly supporting the cause. Some anti-vaxxers, without evidence, have suggested a link between the vaccine and his death, fueling ongoing debates around vaccination.

While conspiracy theories can offer intriguing narratives, it’s important to approach such ideas with caution. These theories often arise from a desire to find answers to unexpected and shocking events. In the case of Matthew Perry, a cherished figure whose personal struggles were public knowledge, the urge to seek explanations is natural. However, it is crucial to wait for official findings and investigations to ensure that we respect and honor Perry’s memory.


The death of Matthew Perry has given rise to a variety of celebrity conspiracy theories, ranging from discussions about berries to debates on vaccines. As fans, our responsibility is to engage with such news respectfully and thoughtfully, remembering the actor for the joy and laughter he brought to many.

Another Simpsons Prediction About Elon Musk Has The Internet Going Crazy!

Another Simpsons Prediction About Elon Musk Has The Internet Going Crazy!

If you’ve ever watched The Simpsons, you know that the show has a knack for making predictions that, oddly enough, tend to come true. It has predicted the Ebola virus to accurately foresee plot twists in Game of Thrones. This long-running animated series has had its fair share of eerily accurate forecasts. Now, fans think they’ve spotted another ‘Simpsons Prediction,’ and this one involves tech giant Elon Musk.

Simpsons Prediction On The Latest Episode!

In a recent episode titled “Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story.” We meet a character named Persephone, a young CEO voiced by Elizabeth Banks. She manages to charm Mr. Burns into funding her dream project and even marrying her. The scene that has everyone talking happens when Mr. Burns gifts Persephone to the entire Twitter company for her birthday. 

Image source: Daily Mail (the couple is interviewed on television and asked about negative tweets about Persephone disappearing from the platform after they took it over)

He mentions it was a bargain because “the previous owner had to sell it after his self-driving Mars rocket crashed into the international space station.”

Viewers were quick to connect the dots. Elon Musk, known for his ambitious space ventures through SpaceX, recently acquired X, the company formerly known as Twitter. Could this be another ‘Simpsons Prediction’ waiting to unfold?

This isn’t the first time The Simpsons has referenced Musk. He voiced a character in a 2015 episode, so the show is no stranger to making playful nods towards the entrepreneur.

Known For Predicting The Future!

What makes The Simpsons’ predictions so compelling is their track record. The show has been right about many things in the past. Fans are always on the lookout for the next prediction that might come true. This latest mention of a scenario oddly similar to Musk’s current ventures has led to animated discussions on social media, particularly on X.

The episode also touches upon the influence that comes with owning a social media platform. It shows Mr. Burns using his newly acquired power to remove any negative tweets about Persephone.

So, what’s next? Will this ‘Simpsons Prediction’ join the ranks of those that have come true? If not, could it be just a fun coincidence? Only time will tell. But one thing is clear: The Simpsons are far from done making these predictions. Fans are also equally enthusiastic about spotting them.


The Simpsons continues to capture the audience’s attention not just with humor. They also have the seemingly uncanny ability to predict the future. Whether these predictions are just coincidences or the result of keen observations, the phenomenon of the ‘Simpsons Prediction’ remains an interesting part of the show’s legacy.

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