The sudden death of Matthew Perry, known and loved for his role as Chandler Bing in “Friends”, has left fans around the world in shock and grief. At 54, Perry was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home. This prompted not only an outpouring of grief but also the rise of various conspiracy theories. Let’s take a closer look at some of these speculations.

The Cranberry or Baneberry Conspiracy:

Just days before his passing, Perry shared Instagram posts referencing Batman and calling himself “Mattman”. One post in particular showed what looked like cranberries.

This sparked a theory among some fans. They suggest these might be poisonous baneberries, drawing a link to Batman’s enemy, Bane. The idea is that Perry might have ingested these berries, leading to his death. Not only that, his posts were a subtle cry for help.

Linking Perry’s Death to Another Singer!

Some theories draw parallels between Perry’s death and the demise of Irish singer Dolores O’Riordan in 2018. Both artists were found in water and had struggled with substance abuse. Despite Perry’s death being reported as an accidental drowning, with no official cause determined yet, theorists speculate that the similarities could be more than a coincidence.

Batman and Mattman Conspiracy

Building on the “Mattman” theme, some theorists have scoured Perry’s Instagram posts for hidden messages. One post of a hot tub, similar to where Perry was found, has raised eyebrows. Fans are speculating whether the actor was attempting to communicate something significant through these posts.

Covid Vaccine and Perry’s Death

Perry had been an advocate for COVID-19 vaccination, publicly supporting the cause. Some anti-vaxxers, without evidence, have suggested a link between the vaccine and his death, fueling ongoing debates around vaccination.

While conspiracy theories can offer intriguing narratives, it’s important to approach such ideas with caution. These theories often arise from a desire to find answers to unexpected and shocking events. In the case of Matthew Perry, a cherished figure whose personal struggles were public knowledge, the urge to seek explanations is natural. However, it is crucial to wait for official findings and investigations to ensure that we respect and honor Perry’s memory.


The death of Matthew Perry has given rise to a variety of celebrity conspiracy theories, ranging from discussions about berries to debates on vaccines. As fans, our responsibility is to engage with such news respectfully and thoughtfully, remembering the actor for the joy and laughter he brought to many.