“Case 63” is a science fiction podcast that revolves around a psychiatrist named Eliza Knight and her patient, Peter Roite. Peter claims to be a time traveler from the year 2062.

It’s adapted from the Chilean “Caso 63,” created and written by Julio Rojas. The series on Spotify consists of 10 episodes. The director, Mimi O’Donnell, is known for creating an intriguing case, crafting a storyline that keeps the audience guessing in each episode. Is Case 63 real? Let’s unravel the mystery of Case 63.

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Is case 63 a true story?

Simply Case 63 is not based on a true story. It’s a fictional podcast. The only real fact mentioned here is the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected thousands worldwide.

Because Case 63 is a fiction story, it helps the listener to know the story’s world, which is very similar to events in the real world. The imagination created within the story differs from it arising our curiosity which differs from the real world.

What’s Case 63 about?

The podcast starts with the 1st session between Dr. Knight and Peter, who claims that he came from 2062. He insisted he needed to prevent a woman named Marie Baker from boarding flight 262 from NewYork to London.

As his further stories unravel, Peter says that he wants to stop Marie because she will be the patient zero of a new strain of the virus in the future.

Oscar Isaac and Julianne Moore
Oscar Isaac and Julianne Moore

Unraveling the Mystery; What’s Case 63? 

Julianne Moore, a New York psychiatrist, as Dr. Eliza Knight, and Oscar Isaac, as Peter Roiter, are starring in this thrilling podcast.

In the first session, titled “The Story I Grew Up with,” Dr. Knight begins therapy with her patient Peter Roiter.

The second episode, “DeLorean,” explains that he grew up amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Pegasus”– The third episode in which Peter tells about a COVID-19 mutation, Pegasus, that causes severe in the future. Further, a woman named Marie Baker will be the first carrier of the new virus. Peter wants to prevent Marie Baker from getting on flight 262.

In the 4th episode, “Garnier Malet Effect,” Peter says that Dr. Knight is also a part of his plan to save the world from the virus.

“You, doctor, you’ll stop Marie Baker and save the world.”

Peter Roiter

Fifth episode is “Alphabet Soup.”

The sixth episode, “History Exam,” brings up Kelly AuCoin‘s guest voice as Dr. Julion Silva. Dr. Julion conducts a polygraph test on Peter.

Session seven, “Jemmy Button,” provides another guest voice Dariush Kashani as Dr. Devash Patel, Dr Knight’s friend. Dr. Knight brings Peter to Dr. Patel to inspect the physics of Peter’s claim about time travel.

In the Eighth session, “Gaspar Marin,” Dr. Knight meets the chief of psychiatry, Dr. Alex Rizzolatti, in real Pooya Mohseni. Peter admitted to being a fraud and said he was Oliver Collins, a science fiction writer linked with the SCP Foundations internet forum, who claimed to be a time traveler as part of an experiment suggested by the forum.

In “Entanglement,” the 9th episode, Dr. Knight’s recording includes her thoughts; she searches for Oliver Collins, a real inexpert science fiction writer. Here Peter explains everything to Dr. Knight.

In the last “Patient Zero” session, Dr. Knight goes to JFK airport to meet Marie Baker, a voice guest in real Zoe Winters. Alfredo Narciso starred as an FBI special agent, Ian Swift, who makes a recording about the missing person case, The Disappearance of Eliza Beatrix Knight.

Zoe Winters as Marie Baker
Zoe Winters as Marie Baker

The Enigmatic Peter Roiter

Peter Roiter, a 39-year-old man from Essex, claims to be a time traveler from 2062. Peter says that he has to stop Marie Baker from getting on Flight 262 to be able to change the future. As the sessions go on, the fascinating mystery around Peter slowly reveals, and he explains things that will occur in the future.

Exploring the Case 63 Ending

The series ends with numerous questions; Is Case 63 a true story? Is Case 63 Peter Roiter or Oliver Collins? How does the time-traveling story work?

Case 63 builds to a stunning ending that exploits all the twists and turns in the series. This is a total mind trip-provoking mystery for the audience. As the sessions head away, time, space, and reality begin to blur, blowing with the listener’s mind.

Fact or Fiction: Case 63 and reveal events

Sessions bring up a story that threatens the boundaries of possibility and reality. Julio Rogas have written this and has been inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic to create a realistic end of the world. Rojas says,

“One wonders that beyond this series may be lying; this can happen when one reads the comments; it’s said that this fear of the future is much more present than we imagine.”

Julio Rogas

Case 63 and Spotify 

The highly anticipated original podcast, Case 63, is now available to listeners on Spotify since 25th October 2022. The series features the voices of Award-winning Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac.

The series is produced by Spotify’s Gimlet Studios. Moore and Isaac present as executive producers on the podcast, Moore’s production company FortySixty and Isaac’s Mad Gene Media

In Chile, Colombia, Argentina, USA, and Mexico, “Case 63” was the 1st on trending charts.


The 10-episode podcast series rotates around a psychiatrist, Eliza Beatrix Knight, and her patient, Peter Roiter, who claims to be a time traveler from 2062. The whole series is a mind trip with the ideal balance of intrigue and suspense, making it an intellectual pleasure.


Is Case 63 based on a true story?

No. Case 63 is not based on a true story.

How many episodes does Case 63 have? 

10 episodes

Who is Peter Roiter?

Peter is the patient registered as Case 63 and who says he’s from future.

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