Kanye West, known for babbling the truth and sharing compelling, shocking claims, has succeeded again. Kanye has accused some Hollywood celebrities of carrying out black magic. Kanye claims Beyonce and Jay-Z are practicing occult and human sacrifices.

This controversy surrounding was initiated by the unexpected claims made by Kanye in November 2022. Is there a truth, or is he just trying to create a fluster and grab the media’s attention? 

This article gathered information from sources like Youtube animatedtimes.com, blackenterprise.com, and hiptoro.com. Read ahead to explore Kanye’s claims and the controversy surrounding those claims. 

The History of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship with Kanye

Kanye has an ebb-and-flow relationship with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Their bond was one of the best friendships in Hollywood, caring for each other. Kanye was mentored by Jay-Z since the 90s and collaborated on their songs. Once in 2018, Jay-Z said, “My little brother is Kanye,” to David Letterman.

Although these three enjoyed a close relationship earlier, it fell apart. Sources reveal that it started when Kanye dated Kim Kardashian. Kanye hasn’t been declared by the supposed couple publicly, but he was condemned 5 years ago for interfering in their personal issues.

Kanye used to accuse Beyonce and Jay-Z publicly several times. During a show in 2016, Kanye exposed to the crowd that Beyonce conspired with MTV.

Beyonce, I was hurt. I heard you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won the video of the year over me and Hotline Bling.”

Kanye West’s claims

In recent claims l, Kanye revealed some Hollywood celebrities are part of the Illuminati Group. Illuminati is a secret society, both real and fictitious. Kanye claims that Beyonce and Jay-Z involve in occult and human sacrifices.

Not only them, but Kanye also accused many others, including Shaq, Charles Barkley, LeBron James, and Puff Daddy, who are under the influence of the Illuminati. According to West, they deal with the occult and expect fame, money, and power there.

Some people believe Kanye is in a rage because he is no longer in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s inner circle. So he’s been driven to get revenge by dragging them publicly.

Kanye was annoyed by some people and pointed out that he tried to generate publicity for himself. But most believe that Kanye is telling the truth. It’s because Kanye is in the industry. He knows about what’s happening behind the curtains.

Furthermore, the next section describes claims made by Beyonce’s former employee.

Beyonce’s former employees claim

Not only Kanye but Beyonce’s former drummer Kimberly Thompson also accused Beyonce of occult practices. Thompson worked in Beyonce’s all-female band for 7 years.

She claimed Beyonce is at fault for “extreme witchcraft, dark magic, and magic spells of sexual molestation.” Furthermore, she claimed that Beyonce “murdered her kitten.”

Thompson published a couple of videos accusing Beyonce of casting spells and mind-control tactics to keep Thompson under her control.

Further, Thompson filed a lawsuit against Beyonce. But ultimately, the judge denied the attempt to offer the restraining order because there wasn’t any evidence to show that Beyonce caused any form of threat to Thompson.


The relationship between Kanye, Jay-Z, and Beyonce became worse after Kanye started dating Kim Kardashian. Kanye created a controversy by claiming that Jay-Z and Beyonce are performing occult and human sacrifices. Moreover, Beyonce’s former employee claimed Beyonce regarding occult practices pointing out that Kanye is telling the truth.

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